Every female member of the Ohio USBC WBA has the opportunity to compete against female bowlers in her own average category, while participating in certified leagues.  Winners will receive an award and state recognition. Awards will be given to at least the top one half of one percent of the applicants received in each of the divisions, with a minimum of 3 awards in each division.  Awards will be presented for high individual three-game series only (actual pins only).   A bowler will only be eligible for one league Award. To be eligible for an award, the bowler must have bowled a minimum of 15 games in your league and must be a member of the Ohio USBC WBA. Any games bowled in a roll-off will be recognized as league games as long as all other qualifications are met. In case of ties, duplicate awards will be given. When you submit your league certification application to your local association manager, all ladies paying the $1 state dues will be automatically enrolled in the Ohio USBC WBA League Awards program.   Division 1 = 170 average to 189 average Division 2 = 150 average to 169 average Division 3 = 130 average to 149 average Division 4 = 110 average to 129 average Division 5 = 109 average and below
League Awards
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The program information on this page is just one of the many programs developed and recognition areas the Ohio USBC WBA offers our members.
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